Paris en scène. 1889-1914

Les Halles, the boulevards, the circus, carnival, cinema, cafes, concerts, music hall, theater, parks, gardens, exhibitions of artists, Alma’s house, exhibitions universal … the Black Cat, Moulin Rouge … Georges Méliès, the Fratellini brothers, Sarah Bernhardt, Toulouse-Lautrec .. all beings and things that evoke all the excitement of the Paris of the Belle Epoque, a city of art and fun!

An invitation to discover how Paris became the cultural capital of Europe in the Belle Epoque through its main incarnations, its landmarks, its significant moments and players.

A wonderful journey through time and space in an enveloping atmosphere and decor évocateur.Paris stage. 1889-1914 was produced by the Musée de la civilization, under the artistic direction of Cirque Éloize’s Jeannot Painchaud.